High-quality melons and watermelons

We are the largest organisation of melon farmers in Italy. And it shows.

"For three generations now, our family has been dedicated with passion and method to improving the quality of melons. Perseverance, experience and dedication accompany our daily work in pursuit of perfection, knowing full well that it cannot be reached, yet constantly striving for it. Trying to do even better is the drive behind our work, the urge to look for new ways. This is the value for us, day after day, in a continuous challenge to give our customers our very best!"

From humble beginnings on a small patch of land in Mantua in 1968, we’ve grown to become Italy’s largest producer of Melons and Watermelons, and a major European supermarket chain supplier. At present, our farms are spread over various regions in Italy, and when the Mediterranean climate becomes too harsh for melon farming, cultivation continues in Africa where mild winters provide for optimal growing conditions. The keys to our success lie in our fierce love and passion for the land we farm and close attention to consumer expectations.

The company in numbers

2300 Cultivated hectares (in Italy and abroad)

30 Millions of melons produced

4 Millions of watermelons produced

50 Years of production (1968-2018)

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