Unique-quality melons and watermelons

We are the largest organisation of melon farmers in Italy. And it shows.

We grow melons since 1968, with highest care and gratefulness to our territory. For three generations now, our family has been dedicated with passion and meticulousness to improve the quality of melons. Perseverance, experience and dedication go with our everyday effort. We put care, effort and commitment in every melon, in every watermelon, in every land of ours. We constantly try to improve our farming methods, together with our products and ourselves. These are our values: day after day we challenge ourselves and our knowledge in order to provide our customers with the best our awesome land can offer.

From humble beginnings on a small patch of land in Mantua in 1968, we’ve grown to become Italy’s largest producer of melons and watermelons, and a major European supermarket chain supplier. Now we grow melons in different Italian regions; and when climatic conditions prevent us from doing it, we move to Africa, where winter temperature is warmer and suitable for production. Melon is one of many high-quality, typical products that mantuan territory can offer. We are committed in growing and carrying them to our customers with the deepest respect for our land, our workers and the melon quality itself. Our everyday goal is merging our love for the land we have been cultivating for all this years with customers’ expectations. A true Mantuan Melove.

The company in numbers

2300 Cultivated hectares (in Italy and abroad)

30 Millions of melons produced

4 Millions of watermelons produced

50 Years of production (1968-2018)

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