We produce the highest quality melons currently available on the market

We grow 30 million melons per year with a goal

Every year we grow and distribute 30 million melons and 4 million watermelons. A commitment like these, crowned with this success, would be impossible to achieve without the passion, the care and the experience we have collected through the years. And, of course, without ambitious goals to achieve:

  • We want to produce the best melons on the market, in order to offer our customers the best and tastiest fruits, but also the most beautiful and fragrant;
  • We want to reduce the environmental impact our work has on the planet and the land that gave us so much for all these years;
  • We want to be acknowledged as the largest melon producer in Italy and in the world. By growing our melons through the whole year.

We just want to be the best in what we love to do.

We are a network of professionals: the largest organisation of melon farmers in Italy

Beginning with a small company back in 1968, Francescon is now able to operate on a global scale. Our network is made of specialist local farmers firmly committed to generating value by delivering excellence derived entirely from a masterful combination of age-old italian farming traditions and highly innovative, sustainable production techniques, reinforced by stringent quality assurance monitoring at all stages of the supply chain.

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