Information and curiosity about Francescon’s melons and watermelons

In this section you can find the solution to your doubts and questions even before contacting us. Here you will find questions about our melons and our activity we’ve been asked more and more often. We are always glad to provide more information and news about our melons, our company and our farming methods. We will answer your question with useful information, explaining characteristics and features that will allow you to better understand the field of melon farming and our everyday work.

Maybe, in this way, you will appreciate even more our unique products. And if you haven’t tried them yet, you may get your mouth watering!

What does degree Brix mean?

It is the sugar content of the fruit and one of the main indicators used to assess the sweetness ...

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What does PGI mean?

PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication. PGI status is intended to promote and project q...

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What does shelf-life mean?

Shelf-life means the lenght of time that produce will maintain freshness and all its sensorial pr...

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Can i find melons during the whole year?

Francescon melons can be found in the best supermarkets from February to October thanks to the pr...

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What packages of melon can I find at the supermarket?

After having subjected the melons collected to the selection for the distribution process, they a...

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How can I eat the melon?

Melon is the typical fruit that represents summer, it is good to eat alone, in a fruit salad, wit...

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How are melons cultivated?

Our melons are cultivated with natural methods in the most adapt and productive soils. From tradi...

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