Our production sites

Production of quality melons in Italy and Senegal throughout the year

We started, in 1968, from a tiny patch of land in the province of Mantua, an area where melons have been grown for centuries. We have come to know this extraordinary fruit, we appreciate, we love and we respect it. We succeeded in developing, over the years, a transferable cultivation model. Thanks to rigorous quality assurance monitoring, this model helps us in farming the best varieties of melons today available on the market. At present, our farms are located in three separate areas so as to take advantage of the best climatic conditions all year around, and bring the best Italian melons to the tables of consumers, worldwide, whatever the season.

  • Our Headquarter is located in Rodigo, near Mantua;
  • In Licata, in Sicily, we move seeding up in Spring, in order to bring you melons earlier through the year;

In Tassette, Senegal, we grow melons during winter months, with the same methods, and the same quality, as the Italian fruits.

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