Melon production in Rodigo (Mantua)

The company headquarters based between the Mincio and Po rivers

Via Retenago, 13, 46040 Rodigo MN

Harsh winters and swelteringly hot summers are ideal for melon farming which, in these parts, has ancient roots. Melons have been cultivated in Mantua for at least 500 years, and our core operations are based on a sliver of land locked between the Mincio and Oglio river parks. The local growers associated with OP FRANCESCON collectively maintain over 1000 hectares under melon cultivation, spread over a 25 km radius from our warehouse. Every day, from June to September, highly skilled technicians select fruit ripe for harvest. The harvested produce reaches our warehouse in less than an hour and is immediately refrigerated ahead of sorting, packaging and shipping.

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