The best melons available on the market

Highest quality melons and watermelons for retailers and consumers

We are proud to introduce you the best range of products available on the market. Every single fruit on the shelf, or on the consumer’s table, restrains our care, passion and experience. In this only way we can offer different degrees of sweetness, sourness and crunchiness, allowing our customer to find only highest-quality melons and watermelons. As a matter of fact, our fruits features:

  • our consolidated know how;
  • our experienced agronomists’ knowledge;
  • the extraordinary fertility of the local soil;
  • our keen ability, developed over long years of experience, to anticipate emerging market trends and consumer tastes;
  • taste, fragrance and goodness of high-level products.

An excellent selection specifically grown  to cater to a broad range of consumer tastes, and feature varying shelf-lives.

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