Mantua Melon PGI

The most renowned PGI melon

PGI classification (Protected Geographical Indication) highlights the unique qualities of Mantua melon, in addition to its renowned history and heritage. Melon farming is a very known phenomenon, rooted in mantuan territory since medieval times, when the Gonzaga family ruled. The most ancient documents testifying the presence of this incredibly precious fruit go back to the end of 15th Century: melons were considered a gift to lords of Mantua!

What makes Mantua melon so unique? A combination of elements which can be found only in mantuan soil:

  • climatic conditions: cold winters and warm, moist-heat summers;
  • flooding origin of the soil, which makes it very prolific.

This pedoclimatic characteristics allow us to produce an excellent melon, rich in potassium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus; they have average higher values than other melons, produced in other geographical areas.

Moreover, PGI Mantua melon is rich in sugar: this is why it is so sweet and tasty. Francescon company produces two typologies of PGI melon:


Netted, sliced melon

The authentic fruit of summer, it dominates the Italian market. It is the typical melon, grown in Mantua since medieval times. It preserves through time, more than a week, its characteristics and quality. It has a good sugar grade (12 BRIX grades) and it is available on the market for a long period: from May to October.


Smooth melon

The most famous product in food service. Chefs use it very often, because of its aftertaste, which is rich in fragrances and aromas. It has a very tasty flesh, which is particularly sweet (up to 16 BRIX grades), with a firm bite. It is perfect for different kind of dishes, from starters to desserts. 

typologymelone retato con fetta e melone liscio

production placeProvincia di Mantova (Italia)

production periodmaggio - ottobre

sizeKg 0,8 – 1,8

BRIX grade12°-16°

shelf-life7 giorni

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